Abandoned Plymouth Fury III, Lands Crossing

Lands Crossing GA Irwin County Countryside Abandoned Pale Blue Plymouth Fury III Rusted Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013


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2 responses to “Abandoned Plymouth Fury III, Lands Crossing

  1. sidney mcwhorter

    1967 fury3, my dad had one(with 318 v8) and I dated in that car until we got a new 1970 fury3. He would get the biggest car with the smallest engine(tried to get one with a v6 but could not), did not want a fast car because he knew my brother, Dr. Charles McWhorter(vet in fitzgearld ga) and I would drive to fast. The fastest I ever got that car was 110 mph. It was a very nice car and great ride, like riding in a hearst it was so big.

  2. Nancy Holland

    My Dad drove one just like this when I was a teenager. One night my friend and I snuck out of the house. He heard us and came looking for us in the Plymouth. I almost wet my pants when I saw it coming down the road. I knew he was mad, and I was right!

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