William R. Johnston House, 1912, Sylvester

Sylvester GA Worth County Tudor Style Funeral Home Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

This wonderful example of Tudor style architecture was built by William R. & Beulah Alford Johnston. Today it serves as Banks Funeral Home. Thanks to Mary King Givens for the identification.


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6 responses to “William R. Johnston House, 1912, Sylvester

  1. jitarheel

    This was the home of my Great Aunt Beulah Alford Johnston, sister of my Grandmother Mattie Alford Gulley.

  2. Mary King Givens

    It was built in 1912 by William R. & Beulah Alford Johnston.

  3. Fred Gleaton

    Mrs. Banks was my mother’s roommate at the women’s college in Valdosta in the mid-30’s (before it became Valdosta State).

    • I’d be grateful if you could find out the house’s history, Fred, as well as the Mediterranean Revival house. Perhaps you or some of your friends would know…Thanks in advance for any help!

  4. Fred Gleaton

    Used to water ski with Ray, David and Joe on Swift Creek at Lake Blackshear. Stopped by the funeral home a few years ago to say hello, but found it was now being run by three elderly brothers. (Ha!)

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