Calhoun County Frozen Foods & Storage, Edison

Edison GA Randolph County Abandoned Mid Century Modern Food Storage Locker Grocery Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Blakely and Ocilla have or had similar examples of storage buildings, also known as freezers and food lockers.


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4 responses to “Calhoun County Frozen Foods & Storage, Edison

  1. Martha Davis Collins

    The word on the building is “frozen.” I grew up in Edison. Joe Jackson, who built and operating this business, and his family was our next-door neighbor.
    Everyone referred to it as “the freezer locker.”

  2. Sam J. Smith

    I remember going to a food locker in the late 60’s in Vienna Ga. It never made sense to me as a child why my aund didn’t just keep the meat in her own freezer in the old dairy house, guess it was too much since they slaughtered a couple of cows a year for their own use among family and friends friends.

  3. I remember going with my mother to the food locker in McRae back before people had home freezers. It was terrifying to hear that door close behind you and to think that you might not be able to get out. Maybe I was just an overly imaginative child.

  4. I used to deliver meat to that place in the early to late 70’s from Lykes Brothers packing company. I also worked as a police officer in Edison 2000-2004

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