Goat Town, Georgia

Goat Town GA Washington County T. Jeff Veal Store Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Goat Town isn’t really a town and it never was, though you can locate it on a good map. It’s just down the hill from Deepstep, whose iconic old store is also associated with the Veal family. T. Jeff Veal III, who uses his grandfather’s old country store [built circa 1920] as a workshop to build custom furniture, explained to me that a large herd of goats was kept around the corner in years gone by and the name just stuck. I’ve been here a couple of times and it never ceases to amaze me; it’s widely popular with Georgia’s backroads photographers.

Goat Town GA Washington County T. Jeff Veal Store Workshop Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Here’s a great vintage slide from around 1960, shared by Brett Schneider who bought it at an estate sale. The photographer and subject are unknown at this time, but that’s likely one of the Veal boys working on his bicycle in the background.


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10 responses to “Goat Town, Georgia

  1. Ricky Clair

    I made my 3rd visit to Goat Town and Deepstep yesterday. I live in Alaska so dont get to Georgia very often. My grandmother was Gladys Veal, daughter of Augustus. I have a photo of her taken in 1900 in Tampa with Augustus and mother Lucy Brown Veal. She must be about a year old. I ran across the Veal family geneology on the web about 10 years ago which promted my 1st trip to Washington County. Near as i can tell, Nathan Sr’s brother Edward was my great great great great great grandfather, give or take. I’m very proud to be related to such a long and distinguished part of American history.

  2. Barbara Rhodes

    Where exactly is Goat Town located?

  3. Willis H Moore

    That was my granddaddy’s store. My footprints (along with my sister and 2 cousins) are in the side door concrete entrance (if not worn off!)

  4. Tim Fowler

    might i remind the writer, Deepstep is just the suburb of Goat Town.

  5. My mom’s family, Veal, are from Deepstep (via Virginia). Always good to see your work, Brian.

  6. Highly recommend the book of poetry DEEPSTEP COME SHINING by C.D Wright.

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