Altamaha Lodge, Ludowici

Altamaha Lodge #227 F & AM Ludowici GA Long County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

One of the few historic public buildings in Ludowici, this historic Masonic Lodge (#227, Free & Accepted Masons) is now being dismantled (January 2017).



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7 responses to “Altamaha Lodge, Ludowici

  1. Allan Cason

    Sad to see yet another piece of Ludowici history falling by the wayside. Glad my Mom didn’t hear about this. Her last year of living in Ludowici, she was Worthy Matron at this lodge. She was so proud to be a part of this group and community. If walls could talk how much we could learn about our past and ourselves. Thank you for preserving the memory of a piece of history.

  2. Bro Michael Ray

    I am looking at moving to Ludowici. I plan to see about preserving this prestigious historical building.

  3. Rick Pitts

    what is the history of the lodge? Rick member of Round Rock Lodge 227 Round Rock TX

  4. Jim Wright

    Too bad it couldn’t be moved to a new location.

  5. What?? Why?? I lived down the street from that lodge. That’s a shame it will be torn down. Any way of preserving it for history’s sake?

  6. Too bad they can’t find something else to do with it. 😦

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