Amy Hogan’s “Abandoned Houses”

Wayne County GA Folk Victorian Farmhouse Fogg Morning Driveway Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

In early November I received a nice message from California musician Amy Hogan: I found your images on the web a few years ago…(Victorian Farmhouse, Bethlehem Road) stayed in my mind and being a song writer I express a lot through my music.  I recently won an award for a song I wrote titled “Abandoned Houses” and thought you might like to hear what your art inspired. Not long after I heard from Amy, I was rambling around Wayne County one foggy morning and rephotographed the house that inspired the song. Not long after I initially posted this I heard from Glenn M. Bray, whose grandparents, Harry A. & Blanche Burns lived here from 1953 until very recently. I had been trying to identify it for about three years.

The original shot of the house follows, but first, please listen to Amy’s beautiful song. I think you’ll like it as much as I did.


Though not actually abandoned, the house has had a rustic appearance for a long time. Of course, that was its charm. It was recently purchased and will soon be restored.

UPDATE: As of 2016, this house has been razed.


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22 responses to “Amy Hogan’s “Abandoned Houses”

  1. So sad to read that this house has been razed. I understood it was being restored and planned on making a visit in honor of the song it inspired. I guess I’ll have to write a new one. thank you for your beautiful work Brian!

  2. Lynn Winters

    What a beautiful, haunting song. Thank you.

    • Richard Burns

      Sad to say but I had to sell the house and property in August, 2015. The new owner has torn the house down as it was going to be too costly to restore and modernize. The old barn is still standing but might not survive the owners plans for the property. I still ride by everyday and reminisce about old times there not forgotten. Just this morning some friends of mine had a deep conversation about the farm.

  3. Harry Richard Burns, III

    Very beautiful and moving song about my family’s old farm located at 2880 Bethlehem Rd. Jesup, Ga. The house was built in the late 1800s and includes 98 acres. My wife and I along with twin sons lived in the house in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I now live adjacent to the property and most days I drive by and remember happy family times. The farm is still owned by my family but is under lease and being restored. I have many many memories as do my son, my daughter in law, and my grand children who also lived in the house 2004-2011. Thanks for the love expressed in your song. Sincerely, Richard Burns

  4. I LOVE this old House/Farm.And the big pond. know the Family that lived there.It has always been My favoite in Jesup.

  5. Lewis Gay

    Enjoyed the song!! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

    Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 13:56:12 +0000 To:

  6. Jimmie Batchelor

    Cannot wait to see it brought back to life. Really did enjoy the song – that was great!

  7. ben

    Wow! Please follow-up with a photo of the house when restored!

  8. Joan

    sorry, I meant “foggy”.

  9. Joan

    I love the foogy morning pic the best.

  10. wow! a beautiful song! and am so happy that the home will soon be full of life again! yeah!

  11. A beautiful song and a wonderful tribute.

  12. Laura Violet Collins Marrow

    Brian, I grew up in Wayne County, and am now living in the Washington, DC metro area in Maryland and follow your website. If this is the house I think it is in Screven, my family (Hershel & Minnie Collins) owned this place and lived in this house for a while back in circa 50’s. I wasn’t born until 1963, and by the time I became familiar with what was always referred to as “The Burton Place”, we were using the house to store cured tobacco until it was ready to be ‘taken off the stick’, sheeted up and taken to market in Blackshear. Even as a small child I felt sad that the house was being used for such a purpose. There’s a summer kitchen off the back of the house I always loved. I have often thought about The Burton Place and fantasized about restoring it to it’s glory. There’s a funny story about my Mother trying to teach one of my aunts how to sew when they lived at The Burton Place. I’ve always said that if I won the lottery I’d acquire this house and the house I grew up in and restore them. I could probably get a little more history on the place from my older siblings if you’d like.
    Laura Violet Collins Marrow

  13. Beautiful old home! Wish I knew more about it and whether it is for sale.

  14. Great tribute to your work. (. . . but not “abandoned,” just “not presently lived in.”)

  15. vernon goode

    Nice…very nice…you can almost feel the memories…beautiful song by Amy as well…Thanks

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