Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1914, Louisville

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Louisville GA Jefferson County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

From the Louisville ARP Church website: The beginnings of Louisville Presbyterian Church date to around 1778. A Scotchman named George Galphin established a trading post at a settlement first called Ogeechee. Eventually the settlement was relocated nine miles up river to a place called New Town. In 1795, the legislative commission selected New Town as the capital of Georgia. The Presbyterian community established various meetinghouses around the area from which three main churches developed, Bethel, Ebenezer, and Louisville. When the capital was moved from Louisville in 1806, the town declined and the Louisville church became inactive. The building was given over to the Methodists. The Louisville ARP Church was formally organized in 1874 under the leadership of Dr. A.L. Patterson. During the tenure of Dr. J. C. Galloway, the first building was erected around 1878 or 1880. The first church burned in 1911 and a new building was erected in 1914.


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3 responses to “Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1914, Louisville

  1. heavenlyjane

    This building looks like a synagogue! Seems quite unusual.

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