Davisboro United Methodist Church, 1926

Davisboro GA Methodist Episcopal Church South United Methodist Gothic Architecture Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

You can’t drive past a grand structure like this in a place like Davisboro and not wonder how it came to be here. It’s truly imposing with its rose windows and massive bell tower. Serving today as the United Methodist Church, it was built during the pastorate of C. T. Clark as the Davisboro Methodist Episcopal Church South.  The building committee consisted of J. W. Aldred, Chairman; L. J. Moye, Vice-chairman; C. F. Gibbs, Secretary-Treasurer; T. T. Hattaway; W. C. Northington; Dr. R. L. Taylor; and Dr. J. B. Dillard.

A bronze plaque memorializes Ruth Aldred (14 January 1911 – 20 January 1923), “a child of rare charm and universally beloved


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5 responses to “Davisboro United Methodist Church, 1926

  1. Joe Ivey

    My great aunt, Susie Ivey owned a country store downtown that later became a juke joint.

  2. Mary Santillanez

    Sandy and I loved Davisboro!

  3. Love this photo. I cannot locate this building on Google Maps. Do you remember the street name?

    • It’s on Main Street, Davisboro. Hope that helps…

      • heavenlyjane

        Ah, found it! On Google Maps, it looks like a large home with no parking lot. Davisboro is a fascinating little town. Clearly it went to an era of relative prosperity in the early part of the 20th century. Completely by-passed by all Eisenhower-era highways.

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