Railroad Street Storefronts, Cobbtown

Cobbtown GA Tattnall County Early 20th Century Storefronts Mexican Businesses Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishin South Georgia USA 2014


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5 responses to “Railroad Street Storefronts, Cobbtown

  1. Karen Igou Holcomb

    I love the years I lived in Cobbtown. The had a baseball team many years ago named Cobbtown Sports. Renee Johson a Cobbtown girl does lots of historical and family research. She has photos of the Cobbtown Sports in their jerseys.

  2. denise marvin

    My mother and grandparents lived in Collins and Cobbtown for many years. They were Ivy and Dora Collins and my mother was one of seven children named Jessie Collins. I remember her using that phrase often. I believe it is a derivative of something far more colorful but not spoken by genteel people. It’s been some time since I’ve been out that way, but my entire family is buried in the Cedar Creek Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery. Many, many generations past. I will try to ask my surviving aunts if they can remember the origin of the phrase. The photo of the “Futch’s General Store” looks very familiar to me. I had a great uncle by the name of “Carr” who worked in a store quite similar to that one. He gave us sacks of pennies when we would visit so we could get candy. This is a lovely website.

  3. Reminiscent of the 50’s. A town frozen in place. They have no police dept. May indicate the crime level is very low, and quite possibly, how the locals deal with crime. Not a house, or truck, w/o a firearm.

    • Jesse Bookhardt

      I doubt that the number of firearms in Cobbtown has anything to do with the purported lack of significant crime. Probably just some really nice folk live there. When I was growing up in Jeff Davis county, there was a common phrase used to describe someone, usually a small child, that was entertaining, precocious, and loved to show out. Such individuals were referred to as “Cobbtown Sports.” Can anyone enlighten us as to how that description and name originated?

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