Weatherford Farm, Emanuel County


These two barns are part of the Abner Weatherford farm and are well-maintained. The log corn crib is an amazing survivor, one of two that originally stood on the “cow lot”.

Old Barn Emanuel County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Ron Weatherford writes: The holes at the top of the barn were for pigeons that my grandfather kept. Ron shared a photo of this barn and notes: …thought you might like to see the improvements to my grandfathers barn we made since your visit.  We leveled the barn and and put new footings where needed.  replaced needed siding under the shelter with boards salvaged from from my grandfather’s 125 year old tobacco barn that we tore down to reclaim the wood before it rotted.  We also used the boards to replaced about 1/2 of the floors in the two rooms of the barn.  Also the new door is from the salvaged tobacco barn wood.  Amazing this and other old barns even though very old and not in good shape, have never leaked.




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7 responses to “Weatherford Farm, Emanuel County

  1. ron weatherford

    The holes at the top of the barn were for pigeons that my grandfather kept. The barn still holds some of his old farming implements. The log barn was a corn crib and was part of two that sat in the “cow lot”. The other one was taken down last year, due to it was about the fall. We saved a lot of the original logs

    • Your family’s farm was a great spot. Cal said it would be. I thought Cal mentioned a basketball hoop above the door? The corn crib is great. My dad really regrets that the one on our family farm is gone, though it wasn’t a log version.

      • ron weatherford

        yes, that goal has been there at least 50 years. By the way, better watch Cal, he may stop in the middle of the road if you are following too close, your white suv may get a little maroon on it.

      • Ha! I noticed that! We’ll have to give him a hard time about that. 🙂

      • Kathryn Hochman

        Ron Weatherford is my cousin! I’ve wanted to reach him but don’t know how. We saw each other once as small children at that farm. Uncle Abner was my mother’s, Betty Weatherford’s, uncle. His son, Tharleton, was Mom’s first cousin. I and my parents visited Tharleton there a few years ago.

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