Coley House, Circa 1842, Bleckley County

Coley Farmhouse Inn Fritters Sajewinds Plantation Bleckley County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

I was very eager to find this house after being made aware of it by  Cindy McDonald Swartz, who lives in nearby Goldsboro. I can’t thank her enough for sending me here. This historic property was built by Alcanah R. (Cain) & Martha Dikes Coley and used at times as a travelers’ inn. After changing hands several times, the house is now owned by Alan Johnson, who operates a restaurant here called “Fritters”. Signs on the fence leading to the home suggest they have the best fried green tomatoes in Georgia, as well as local wines and fried Moon Pies.

The house was destroyed by fire in September 2015.

Sky Blue Restored Antique Farm Truck Fritters Restaurant Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

When I was standing by the fence photographing the house, this beautiful Gypsy Vanner h0rse met me with a friendly greeting and made for a wonderful shot.

Coley Farmhouse Inn Fritters Sajewinds Plantation Gypsy Vanner Horse Bleckley County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014


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17 responses to “Coley House, Circa 1842, Bleckley County

  1. Marsha Coley Armstrong

    Did you see the invite to Coley Family Reunion? You will have relations there. I went out to where the house was and took pictures of the remains if you are interested.

  2. Marsha Coley Armstrong

    House has not been restored. Torn down. I have pictures

  3. Hello There,
    I am a descendant of Alcanah Coley. His grandson, Cain Walters (Jesse Alcanah Walters) is my Great Great Grandfather. I’m very curious to know if anyone ever restored this house after the 2014 lightening strike? Or is it still in disrepair? Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated!
    Kathleen Sloan

    • Marsha Coley Armstrong

      FYI. Coley Family Reunion. September 15th, 2018 .Amerson Park in Macon, Ga. From 2-6. Covered dish lunch
      Donations for park fee. I have a FB group called Coley Clan . All Coleys are welcome. Marsha Coley Armstrong.. / same on FB. 69 members so far. New member’s always welcome.

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  5. Francoise H. Fussell

    I think that this would make a lovely day trip from Roswell with some of the grandkids!! Have put it on the “to do” list, for sure. Thanks.

  6. too cool. Alcanah Coley was my Uncle James’s 2x great grandfather. Looks beautiful

    • Jennifer Coley McGill

      Hi, Derek, Not sure you’ll see this after all this time, just came across this site. Here ya go (this is cool)-
      Alcana (Jonathon Appleton Drake Coley), m. to Mary Dykes had 10 children. 1 of which was John A.D. Coley who m. Charlotte Coombs. John & Charlotte fathered Cain (James Alcanon Coley). Cain m. Margaret Elizabeth Neely)- parents of my grandfather, My grandfather, Cain’s son, was James Lane Coley (Jim- d.2005). My father was James Lane Coley, II (d. 2010).

      • Marsha Coley Armstrong

        Jennifer I would love to talk to you about us being related !! This years family reunion is Oct.3 at the First Baptist Church in Cochran. I am also on FB and have a FB group called the Coley Clan .. all members in this group are all related up to Gabriel Coley Sr. PLEASE get in touch with me ! or FB Marsha Coley Armstrong

    • Marsha Coley Woodling

      There is a Face book page dedicated to the Coley family / descendants if you are interested. Coley Clan – lots of new family and sharing pictures and history !
      Marsha Coley Woodling

    • Marsha Coley

      Derek I would love to know how you fit into our Coley family and add you to our tree. I have a FB group called Coley Clan and you as I see what you have written are definitely related to us.
      Marsha Coley Armstrong

  7. Vickie Black

    another beautiful house turned bed & breakfast and one of the very best Sunday buffets for miles around is the Coleman House in Emmanuel County – don’t know the history behind this home but I’m sure it would be something of interest

    On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 11:36 AM, Vanishing South Georgia Photographs by

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