Biking in Chauncey

Railroad Avenue Chauncey GA Dodge County Cool Lady Riding Bicycle Water Tower Cotton Gin Warehouse Store Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

When I first posted this photograph on the Vanishing South Georgia Facebook page, I was amazed at how much positive response it got from viewers. It was a cool day and when I told this lady that I was taking her picture she laughedsaying that she was just the crazy woman who rides her bike in 20-degree weather. I think she’s pretty smart myself, but as one Facebook viewer wrote: Here’s to crazy ladies everywhere.


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4 responses to “Biking in Chauncey

  1. Rodgers, Wilkerson, Mullis

    In the early 1950s I collected and sold pine cones here.

  2. Kay Skipper

    I am that crazy kady. Just an update. Had to have a new bicycle. Rode that one to death. Had double knee replacement in Oct. 2016. Back on bicycle in Two 1/2 weeks. Still pedaling and loving every minute of it. Lady not kady.

  3. Yep! That’s Mama Kay Skipper! So well-loved!

  4. Lynn Sheffield

    Sweet Mama Kay!!

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