Single-Pen Farmouse, Turner County

Found this classic house rambling around Turner County today. It’s one of the best examples I’ve ever seen. Amazingly, the kitchen remains intact, which is exceedingly rare with this house type.


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4 responses to “Single-Pen Farmouse, Turner County

  1. Mel

    Ashburn Warwick Road?

  2. Tina Battle

    I never knew the name for this style of house. I grew up in one in Mitchell County in the Harmony community. It was demolished a few years ago. I wish I had pictures of it. Shame on me for not taking any.

  3. Victor McGough

    You educated me, telling me what a shotgun house is. Now what determines a cracker house. I just thought it was any house my relatives lived in.

    • Brenda Henderson

      I just love this house- I really like any of the old home places- If the walls could talk– I live in Coffee County, but was raised in Berrien County- thank you for sharing-

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