Old Ashton School, Circa 1910, Ben Hill County

Old Ashton School Ben Hill County GA Photograph Courtesy of Karen Luke Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

The Ashton community is well-known in Ben Hill County, but nearly forgotten otherwise. It’s the neighborhood where my father grew up, a community characterized by farms and farm families who have been in the area for generations. Most people are familiar with the present Ashton School building, a WPA structure now privately owned and used as apartments, but until Karen Luke shared this photograph with my father recently, I never knew there was another school at the location. It appears to have been built with blocks from the Fitzgerald Granitoid Works and I’d estimate that this image dates to about 1910. Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of anyone in the group, but it appears that the entire community turned out for the photograph.


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4 responses to “Old Ashton School, Circa 1910, Ben Hill County

  1. Jonathan Dell Merritt

    Brian my grandfather grew up in Osierfield and went to school at Ashton and lived not far from there at the mill down the road,,cant remember the mill name but he was a lodger there when he was 16 years old. I am interested in finding some good locations to metal detect and I live in Augusta. Your Father and most certainly your Great Grandfather knew my Grandfather who lived out his days at Browns landing. Do you know of the history of Browns landing? There used to be a lot going on out there at the turn of the Century. there was a store there as well as a railroad track going to the river. and there was a community. I was sitting on the porch with my grandfather one day when a Cadillac with New York license plates came up to the gate driven by an elderly black man. he went through the gate towards the Ocmulgee River. He was visiting the the place where he grew up as a child according to my Grandfather.My Grandfather was John T Merritt during the 60s and the 70s he lived up on the hill in what is called the old Merritt place on river road across from Browns landing road.

  2. Helen spacek

    My grandmother,Melcena Boney was the teacher at the Ashton School in 1918, I ws happy to find this picture. There is ahcspacek@yahoo.comlso a picture in the State of Georgia school report published in 1920. along with an article about the school. Helen Spacek

  3. tarobinsonsr

    Quite a structure in its day. Did it burn, Brian?

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