Beulah House, 1884, Guyton

Beulah's Coffeehouse and Consignment Guyton GA Effingham County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Beulah was the name of this home, owned by the late Dr. Willie Grier Todd, a professor of history at Georgia Southern University who was known as the “Matriarch of Guyton”. Dr. Todd started the Guyton Holiday Tour of Homes in 1978 to highlight  historic local residences. Upon her death in 2006, the Guyton United Methodist Church purchased the house and since 2012 it’s been known as Beulah’s Coffee House and Consignments.

Guyton Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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6 responses to “Beulah House, 1884, Guyton

  1. Melba Roark

    Dr. Todd’s History101, fall quarter 1960, was both terrifying and wonderful for a freshman, even when she was so distressed that we had elected a Catholic as President. But then in fall quarter 1963, as seniors we saw her weep with a broken heart when that same man was assassinted. She was so much bigger than life to me. One of my all time favorites.

  2. Miriam

    Dr. Todd was my professor at Tift College in Forsyth GA from 1966-1968. She is the reason I decided to major in history. What an amazing teacher, scholar, mentor, woman, and historian. She took our History Club on a camping trip to the Great Smoky Mountains in 1967, an unforgettable trip! She was one of the major influences in my life!

  3. Carolyn Hays

    Thanks for posting the house of Dr. Todd. She taught me English at Effingham County High School, after all schools in the county consolidated in 1956. I don’t recall if it was my junior or senior year.

    When Prom time came one of those years, she played match maker, and helped students in her class find dates.

    Several years ago, I was back in Georgia, visiting our former neighbor in a nursing home in Springfield, and found that Dr. Todd lived there, also, so we had a visit, too.

    She was a delightful lady.

    I am delighted that you are posting pictures from Effingham County, since I left there in 1961. It brings back great memories.

    Carolyn Hays

  4. Cardwell Smith


    When I saw your photos of Guyton, I knew you’d eventually get to Dr. Todd’s place. I had Dr. Todd for history at GSU in the early seventies. What a wonderful, sweet lady, who was universally loved by her students and made history a joy to learn! She loved to talk about her home and its history. Whenever I pass through Guyton, I always wonder what became of her home. It’s good to know it’s being lovingly cared for…a tribute to a fine lady.

    Cardwell Smith

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