Hip Roof House, Clyo

Pyramidal Roof Vernacular Architecture Old House Clyo GA Effingham County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

The brother of this home’s owner noted that it was slowly being restored.


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5 responses to “Hip Roof House, Clyo

  1. vanne hanisch-godoy

    I am glad to hear this house is being restored. We have to remember that places built back then were made to last. Not like places today.

  2. Gail Smith McNaughton

    My grand parents lived in Clyo and I spent my child hood visiting them, Aminee & Oswell Smith. I am writting a book on them and would like to add pictures of Clyo, especiall in the olden day, 1900’s. Can any one help with history & pictures of Clyo. PS Margaret & Joe Williams are my aunt and uncle.

  3. James arnsdorff

    This is my sisters house, I’ve replaced the original porch roof since this photo,working on foundation piers now,plan to have habitable by the end of the year.hope you can take some after photos then !!! James arnsdorff(jimnsavga@yahoo.com)

  4. C Dula

    Beautiful old home. Glad it is under restoration. Be nice to see the finished home.

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