Log Farmhouse, Crisp County

Pioneer Farmhouse Crisp County GA Hawpond Area Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

This is located on Haw Pond Road, near the Turner County line. It’s in poor condition but has been stabilized with a new roof.


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3 responses to “Log Farmhouse, Crisp County

  1. Patricia Butler

    I’m not absolutely sure but I believe this was Bennett Pate’s house. (Distant relatives…my great grandmother was a Pate) I went in it several years ago and it still had some furniture in it, including two pianos. An old upright and a newer one. It is close to the Hawpond Sinkhole. Another family has bought it and the land. There is another log house that my great grandfather built off Hawpond Road down Spires Road named after my ancestors. My great grandfather was Daniel Spires and my grandfather was Sam Spires. My grandmother, his wife, taught at the Hawpond School that you have posted before. I enjoy your website so much. Thank you for helping to keep our history alive.

  2. Susan

    Ooooh, maybe someone purchased the farmhouse and is making it a “getaway”. That has been done to an abandoned farmhouse near us and it’s now beautiful.

  3. Bobby Thomas Akins

    Great as always Brian, keep them coming…. thanks for all you do to conserve our Southern history….

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