Joyce-McArthur House, Circa 1810, Tattnall County

Joyce McArthur House Oldest in Tattnall County GA Landmark Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

This beautiful landmark near the Altamaha community is likely the oldest house in Tattnall County. It was built by Revolutionary War veteran John Joyce and later passed to Malcolm Daniel McArthur of the Tattnall Rangers, 61st Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CSA. One of Colonel McArthur’s descendants, Ann Carswell, and her husband Bill spent over ten years painstakingly restoring this important house. It’s built of heart pine with peg-through-peg construction and the bricks were quarried from an old “clay hole” nearby.



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7 responses to “Joyce-McArthur House, Circa 1810, Tattnall County

  1. Wendell Theus

    Hi Brian, This may be the most classic example of Southern charm & elegance that has all but completely passed with time. Have not seen this place, but I feel better just knowing it is there! Thanks.

  2. John P. Rabun, Jr.

    This is truly a beautiful house and everyone who loves old houses – especially those who have a Tattnall County background – should be grateful to Ann and Bill Carswell for restoring it.

  3. Glenda

    I just LOVE it when these historic places are refurbished and used for today’s families. Cheers to you for posting it and cheers to Col. McArthur’s descendents for bringing it back to life.

  4. Brian, this is a great house that I had not seen before. I looked for it in my copy of “The Georgia Catalog – Historic American Buildings Survey” and could not find it so I’m making a copy of this to put inside it. Is this possibly the same John Joyce, Rev. War vet who has D.A.R. No. 391976 and his grave is near Glenwood, Wheeler county GA ? It’s really special getting this from you on Memorial Day and I appreciate it very much.
    Paul Wetherington, 1st Air Cav. Vietnam 1968-69

    • Paul, it is a great one! And I’m really surprised it’s not in that book but I’m sure they missed some places. I believe that is the same John Joyce, yes. And thank you for your service. Always.

    • Teresa Carswell Howard

      Hi Paul, Ann & Bill Carswell are my parents, and, as such I am a descendent of said John Joyce. You are referring to the correct John Joyce (although his DAR Ancestor # is actually A063233…the number you referenced is the Member # of the first DAR member to go in under John Joyce). However, he is not buried in Wheeler County, rather, he is buried in the family cemetery located directly behind the house. He resided in Tattnall Co, owned substantial amounts of property in Tattnall Co, and died in Tattnall Co. To my knowledge, he had no connection to Wheeler Co, other than the fact that, many years after his death, his granddaughter, Mozell Joyce, would marry Malcolm Daniel McArthur, one of the McArthurs of the Winship Farm, in Wheeler Co.
      If you would like to see this house “in real life”, it is located on Ga. Hwy. 178 (aka “Dewey D. Rush Hwy.) at the intersection with Old River Rd., approximately 5 miles south of the Georgia State Prison.

  5. ben dooley

    Thanks Brian. Another real classic and a thing of beauty.

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