Bowen’s Mill Court & Cafe, Circa 1955, Ben Hill County

Bowen's Mill GA Ben Hill County Old Motor Court Cafe House Creek Real Photo Postcard Collection of Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

The structures seen above are still standing and largely unchanged in appearance, but it’s been many years since they served the purpose indicated here. The sign on the Cafe reads: Specializing in KC Steaks, Chops, Seafood, Frog Legs & Channel Catfish Dinners, while the back of the card notes the presence of a swimming pool, bowling, fishing, a mineral well 673 feet in depth and a Camellia & Azalea nursery.

Today, they’re used as a school for a nearby Christian community.


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7 responses to “Bowen’s Mill Court & Cafe, Circa 1955, Ben Hill County

  1. Chip

    Chip :
    I was born a mile away and grew up playing there with the owner that I called uncle Bowen..(Mr Bowen Sheppard) lots of good times and memories.

  2. Mike Hudson

    The Bridge at Bowens Mill on Hwy 129 is being replaced as of 4/30/2017 . Work has begun on the run around for traffic . Below the bridge are the Artifacts of what was once the Saw/ Grits mill of the Bowen Family with Stone and gears laying on the ground where the Mill once stood . Construction will remove them from their log time resting place since it has been covered with water for many many years . I don`t think there are plans for placing them for public display and will probably be buried with therest of debris as the bull dozier s push their way for the new road . Sad to see such artifacts and History destroyed of early Ben Hill County . I have pictures of those Artifacts for proof that there was at one time a Mill there .

    • Not at all! I’m a historian with GDOT and I know the GDOT archaeologist assigned to this project. Everything will be well cared for!

      • Cara Cobb

        Thank you, DOT. I lived at Bowen’s Mill in the community for 31 years. Our kids wrote on the bottom of the old bridge. We used the bowling alley as dormitory for a short time (rats and snakes won, building was leveled) We had to fill in the pool years ago, it was beyond disrepair. The mineral well was ruined when something happened up river (dam broke or something years ago). The school property is for sale.

  3. Linda

    Thank you for a trip down memory lane! I spent many summers, 60’s & 70’s at the pool. My cousin had her wedding reception at the old cafe. It has been other things since that time….sad when they closed the pool. We use to have many the Miller Reunions at that location….wonderful memories!

  4. Dale

    I have spent many an afternoon in the swimming pool and went to many church activities at the pool and dance area in the 60’s. The water was so cold you could hardly get in it, and you’d be nearly blue when you got out. It was a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing the picture. Dale

  5. Stan Arline

    Two years ago while on a motorcycle trip I stayed in a “Tourist Court” built in 1938 by the current owners grandfather,they even restored (not remodeled) the original restaurant .I have on a few occasions ridden (by motorcycle) US41 to Canada,and you will still see the remnant’s of the 30’s to the 50’s of the tourist trade all the way.There are  still a few between Tifton and Perry on US 41

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