Ocilla Truck Stop, Circa 1960

Old Ocilla Truck Stop Irwin County GA Willett's Pure Truck Station Photo Postcard Collection of Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

This postcard from my collection dates to around 1960. I regret I never photographed this place, which was demolished some time before 2006.



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10 responses to “Ocilla Truck Stop, Circa 1960

  1. My name is Gail Willett Mooney. I am the great niece of Mr. Willett, the previous owner of the truckstop. This was where my father, Stanley Willett learned everything about trucks. It just makes me very proud that I was able to find this little bit of my family history online.

  2. Mike Hudson

    Slim Lee owned it after Mr. Willett died for several years before it closed . It was the “Place where everyone knows your Name ” !

  3. Mary Denney

    I worked there in1958, right after I got married. Back then if you got 10 cents for a tip that was great. I had a couple that came for lunch every Sunday, he would leave a ten cent tip and when he got up to pay bill his wife would take the tip and put it in her pocket.

    • Claire

      You have made me laugh out loud? Why do you think she took the dime back. I’m s teacher and I’m gonna share this story with the class. Thanks!

  4. Doug Tatum

    I remember going there many times with Daddy for breakfast or lunch. I was 5 or 6 but I remember Joe Wright, Harvey Davis, Emory Walters, and others. Everybody spoke and knew your name. Things sure have changed. Bought a lot of parts from Mr Mayes Ocilla auto parts when I was old enough to drive.

  5. Cecile Sumner

    This was my aunt and uncle who owned the truck stop. I helped them on weekends. Really miss those good old days. Cecile Paulk Sumner

  6. I remember going there as a kid, probably 7 or 8, with my grandfather. We’d sit there for breakfast while he talked to other locals. It is one of my fondest memories of him. Thanks for sharing, Brian!

  7. Jack Dennis

    Brian, do you have any old pics of the Red River Tea room ? This was a cat fish place in Lumber City during the 40s & 50s. Very Popular. Thanks   Jack Dennis  Greensboro , Ga

  8. Griffin, Donna R

    My mama (Dorothy Royal Grimsley) worked here when she was in high school. It’s where she and my daddy (Pat Grimsley) met and where he first asked her out. Also remember driving by here all the time when I was growing up. This, the sugar cane grinder and donkey, and RB’s Service Center with the bear sign. Boy does this take me back – great memories – Thank you for posting.

  9. Stan Arline

    Stop by Winona and photograph the truck stop there,it’s been closed for 10 years now.

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