Mt. Zion Street, Milan

Earl Thearer and Storefronts Milan GA Dodge County Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

The building in the left foreground is the old Earl Theatre, built in 1952. Milan is located in both Dodge and Telfair counties, but I’ve usually associated it most with Dodge County.


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6 responses to “Mt. Zion Street, Milan


    I lived in Milan growing up and I always associated it with Telfair as most of the town is in Telfair. I am from Milan GA, Telfair county…

  2. Carrol C, "Red" Myers

    I remember when that theatre was in operation in the early fifties, they sold theatre tickets. and drivers license. The operator had a license validating machine, I don’t know how he came by it, but lots of teens that couldn’t pass the drivers test went there and bought license. one of my brothers did. We lived in Coffee county.

  3. Carrol C, "Red" Myers

    I remember when these old towns were thriving. seems history can be cruel somtimes…..

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