Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot, Milan

Seaboard Air Line Depot Milan GA Dodge County Landmark Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

This historic Seaboard Air Line depot was restored around 2006.


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4 responses to “Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot, Milan

  1. Wendell Theus

    Hi Brian, great photo. Sure hope we can get our (Ludowici’s) depot back to similar condition. Thanks.

  2. Rebecca Wind

    Air Line? or Rail Line?

    • ben dooley

      It was Airline…the Seaboard Airline Railroad. The old SAL along with another line with extensive south GA roots, the Atlantic Coast Line, is now part of the CSX system. There were once several railroads with the name “Airline”. The old Atlanta and Richmond Airline RR was a major part of what became the Southern Railway. The Southern itself merged with the Norfolk and Western to become Norfolk Southern.

    • John Smith

      airline was used I believe to denote the use of modern air brakes

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