South Georgia Tobacco Culture, 1955

Georgia Tobacco Season First Day Music Celebration 1950s Post Card Collection of Brian Brown Copyright Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

This rare postcard from my collection is postmarked 1955 from Lyons. I don’t know that the photograph was local to that area; it may have been a stock image sold in different parts of the South, but it’s one of my favorites.

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One response to “South Georgia Tobacco Culture, 1955

  1. Jelsse M. Bookhardt

    Thanks for posting this postcard of tobacco culture. I have a card in my small collection of South Georgia farmers planting tobacco by hand in 1948 at Santa Claus, Georgia. I remember the planting events well. The whole family participated and it usually lasted all day depending upon the amount of acreage to be planted. Prior to planting in April, farmers grew their own plants in long rectangular beds that they sewed in late February or March. A hand planter that could also plant peppers or tomatoes was used. Its operation required a planter, a plant dropper, and someone to keep water available when needed. That way of life has long passed but not the memories of this old South Georgia boy.

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