William Eason, Tattnall County

William Eason Tattnall County GA Pioneer Father of Methodism in Area Historic Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

William Eason (22 May 1771 – 1 October 1831) , one of the first settlers of Tattnall County and ancestor of many was born in Perquinman County, N. C., May 22, 1771, a son of George Eason, R. S. The family moved to Barnwell District, S. C., and William grew up there. Around 1802 William’s family with several others sold their holdings in S. C. and moved to Georgia. William settled in Tattnall County and married Sarah Mattox (3 December 1777 – 16 May 1859). In addition to farming he was a local Methodist preacher and was so effective in this work he was instrumental in organizing Mt. Carmel and Shiloh and helped in establishing other Methodist Churches to the extent he became known as the “Father of Methodism” in this area. He served in the War of 1812 as a private at Fort Perry on the Altamaha River in 184. William Eason and his family lived in a two-story log house 0.7 miles south of Mt. Carmel Church. He died Oct. 1, 1831 and was buried in a unmarked grave probably near his house.



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6 responses to “William Eason, Tattnall County

  1. Jason Martin

    My ancestors, I used to go to the Eason family reunion at the Eason Chapel, I named my Oldest son after him, his name is Eason Ryan

  2. cool! I am an eason and I am looking for information about them. Thanks so much!

  3. Cardwell Smith

    Thanks for this Brian. I’m convinced that my McDonald ancestors who migrated to this area from Isle of Skye via NC in the early 1800’s were undoubtedly in this neighborhood. They were known to be allied with Methodism and later moved on to Ware County. The problem with this area is the constant confusion when reading it’s history caused by county boundary changes!

    Even though I’ve read about William Eason before, your photo of this marker has given me some new ideas to search. Thanks much for what you do.

    Cardwell Smith

  4. Tommy Robitzsch Sr.

    My wife’s ancestor.

    • John P. Rabun, Jr.

      Cardwell Smith may get help from the abstracts of the Tattnall County Inferior Court and Superior Court records published in two books by Gordon Anthony Thompson and in two books on the county’s loose papers by Sabina Murray. Many people named McDonald appear in the indexes to these books. They can probably be found in the Savannah Public Library on Bull St.

      • Cardwell Smith

        Thank you John….I do have one of Ms. Murray’s books and have gotten some good tips from it. I will definitely look up the others…

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