Main Street Storefronts, Sylvania

Sylvania GA Town Square Main Street Georgia Wilderness Outfitters Commercial Storefronts Restorations Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

These beautifully restored storefronts are part of Sylvania’s historic Town Square area. Georgia Wilderness Outfitters occupies the building on the left and is part of a vibrant downtown, a rarity these days.


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3 responses to “Main Street Storefronts, Sylvania

  1. Harry G. Haisten

    Stormy clouds in this series lend a particularly wonderful aura.  Congratulations!

  2. I believe this is where the old drugstore was and to the right was the theater in the 60’s.

  3. Thanks for the Sylvania pictures. Precious Memories. Do you have any 1950 – 1960 or later store-front or in town pictures / school of Newington, GA? I’m also looking for a picture of the Newton house – now demolished. I appreciate and am inspired by all your picture. Pastor Robert McCurry (Retired)

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