Nellie Hill House, Sylvania

Sylvania GA Screven County Neoclassical Revival Architecture Landmark House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Thanks to Tricia Self for the identification. She wrote, in part, that the house was moved in the early 1900s from another site about 500 yards away. It was done with the chimneys still attached and rolled on log rollers guided by a man driving mules. Nothing was packed up, and the plan was to replace anything they needed to, but they say not a thing was broken! Stuart Bragg also relayed the same story, so it must be a well-known local legend.



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4 responses to “Nellie Hill House, Sylvania

  1. We lived in Sylvania in the early 60’s. This house belonged to a Miller family. He was president of a bank in Sylvania then.

  2. Beautifully, charming and gran d Southern Home. I wold love more info on this home.

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