Boone’s Saloon, Jacksonville

Boone's Saloon Sign Jacksonville GA Telair County Local Landmark Watering Hole Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Boone’s is a legendary local watering hole near the Ocmulgee River at Jacksonville. In its heyday, in an earlier incarnation, it was probably the most popular honky tonk/bar in South Georgia history. It had a raucous reputation that can’t be ignored, but love it or hate it, it’s still a landmark. I think a newer incarnation may be operating today.

Boone's Saloon Sign Jacksonville GA Telair County Local Landmark Watering Hole New Building Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014


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46 responses to “Boone’s Saloon, Jacksonville

  1. Larry Chaney

    When the club closed, Homer went to his still(s) . He used to show up on Sunday morning just before church at my Daddy’s place with a truck load of 100 lb LP gas tanks that were iced down and empty that he needed to get filled so he could finish a run. Usually Daddy had filled those same gas tanks earlier in the week at Homer’s house.



  3. Carl Shepherd

    I used to play in the band there back in the old building when JD and Betty ran the place, made lots of memories and friends there



  4. Dusty

    Spent a many a wkends there and will forever cherish the memories and good times I have went once in the last ten years and it wasn’t the same as it was 15 years ago or maybe I was a different person who knows but oh at the good times great friends and unforgettable nights there

  5. Eric cowart aka BIG KUNTRY 7

    Boones saloon the place that will forever be in many hearts minds and souls throw down get down and put down love it hate it but will never be forgotten much love to sambo old man frosty and Mr Homer Boones always been family to me and very much respected some of the greatest down south Dixie rebels southern and *$%! proud

  6. Josh Jones

    I stayed out there just about every weekend it was open I remember when Mr Homer got to come back I seen him at the store and would give him some of the extra wild hogs we killed so now you know what your ticket meal was also had some of the best times of my life out there frosty and sambo always treated me like family still have great friends that I meet out there long live Boones

  7. Tina Connell

    I will admit in my early 20’s I was ther every weekend. I can honestly give credit to Boone’s Saloon for changing my life forever. On December 03, 1997 I meet the forever love of my life & best husband a woman could ask for there. I will never forget the first song we danced too, “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith. Till this day that song brings a smile to his face.

  8. Jerry

    I wonder if ole sambo is still around down there. I met my 2nd wife donna down there who worked behind the bar cookin the little rib, bbq, or whatever kind of sandwich you’d get with you’re ticket. Finally got my life straightened out from that place & went back to the military, got remarried & never looked back but I gotta admit I did have some fun times there over 20 years ago.

  9. Misty Michelle Baucom

    This is not the original Boones Salon. I would love to see the original, the one that is down the road. It was the first bar I ever went to. I was 14 and went there every weekend. I’ve been to this one also many times. I have been searching for a picture of the older one. I remember Mr. J.D. working at the entrance and his wife was the bartender. If anyone has any pictures of the old one, please email me.

    • Cheryl batten

      J. D. Was my dad Betty was my mom I worked there too I would love to have that picture too I grew up there

      • Bonnie Roberts Travis

        Hey Cheryl, I think we may have been friends when we were kids. My Mom is Frances, she was friends with your Mom & Dad. My sisters are Wendy & Jan. Do you remember us?

  10. Steve

    Is this the old”Golden Gator”?

  11. Jennifur

    Oh Wow I loved this place!! Will never forget that I had to get off the pool table tho… no dancing on the pool tables!!! It would be a wonderful fantasy to be able to go back to being that young and having our whole group of friends together! I don’t care what anyone says bad about the place bc I had some of the absolute best memories of my life there. Except for one night with huge road block and all the cars looked like it was snowing all the illgal substances coming out of windows. We had a very crazy friend who thankful saved ours lol…ty RS! Seriously wouldn’t trade some of those good memories for anything. To be young dumb and having so much damn fun. To bad we all had to grow up!

  12. Tettle.

    I am a Boone, daughter of Homer Boone. I see that most of you have been to Boones or know someone who did. No one forced you to go, but I’ sure you went to live it up. I did not go, but like most of you I have been in other bars, some worse some better, but I got out of town to go so no one would know. Maybe you should try it again if you have been or go for the first time. Probably isn’t as bad as you thought and they would love to have your business if you come to have fun and not cause trouble. Again, you lived it up and a lot of people would like for us to live it down. Daddy would probably still love to see the comments so that he would know he is still thought of. Have a blessed day.

    • Michelle Thompson

      He was a great man. He and my granddaddy were very good friends. Miss them both.

    • AW

      Amen, hey trying to get in touch with the one who has the equipment (horse trailer) out in front of the building on 441 south as u come in from river, an also has the hunting club…tks, here’s n
      My number..912-389-2454. Thanks..

    • Eric cowart BIG KUNTRY7

      Rip mr Homer you will always be remembered loved and never be forgotten

    • James Boone (JImmy)

      Hey Tettle this is Jimmy Boone was just reading about the place and saw your post….where ya living now. I am in Perry Ga.

  13. Vicki

    Been to boone’s many times back in the day, the original by the river n the now existing place, had some great times n some not so great times, and yes just about every story you’ve heard about Homer Boone’s is true…. Back in the day it was the place to go n have a wild, fun n crazy night or settle some business… ..Boone’s is Legendary

  14. Saved

    Thank u Jesus from delivering me from drugs and boone’s saloon….

  15. Wanda

    Been there many times in the mid to late 70s. I hope it remains an open land mark for future generations.

  16. Billy Peavey

    Boones is still open to this day..Will be open tonight also

  17. Debbie Oliver

    Well I love hearing the old stories about Homer Boones!!

  18. Chris Long

    Boone`s was a wild place. Had a so many chances to get a dui but never did. Had a good friend get stabed two times in the back . We took him to Douglas hos and I carried him in the ER in my arms .Had some great times at BOONE`s. Rest in peace HB!

  19. Jonathan Powell

    Bar fight?? I don’t know what you would mean. Bouncers beating idiots butts, I don’t know what you mean, I was to drunk to see that.

    • Dirty

      I seen them knock someone out throw them across the road and made there friends bring there vehicle out they took care of business

  20. I haven’t been as often in the last 10 yrs as I had the 10 prior to that. Yes you could get into so trouble but usually it was just as much your fault as the other persons. Not saying some bad shit hasn’t went on down there,but usually it was the same crowd so you knew what to expect before you went. I had mostly good memories so I’m thankful for that

  21. Britt

    Boone’s is still a bar. I was just there for the reunion last weekend. It was turned into a church after old man Boone passed away and recently turned back into a bar. They are open every Saturday night from 9pm until…

  22. janey ursrey

    oh yeah, homer boones!! been there, lived to tell the tale!

  23. christin Dopson

    I’ve been there more than a few times. I’ve had great times there. I know the owners real well, they are awsome people. Yes the club has a bad name but has changed a lot over the years. Me and my husband like to go play pool all night listening to the radio and eat some awesome BBQ sandwiches…. yea you might think we are all a bunch of rowdy rednecks that like to fight and drink and cause trouble, but the truth is we are all a bunch of country as can be, friendly folk who loves to hang out, laugh and listen to loud music. If you want to have a good time and not worry about no drama, then come on and check it out….

  24. Patron

    Every place is what u make of it.. Been there several times over the last 20 yrs . Never hooked up or left with anyone Iet at the club never was on parking lot making out or doing other things .. Now I did get in a scuffl or 2 over the years .. But I was prolly jus as guilty as other party .. Alcohol and attitudes don’t mix sometimes at any bar … I can think of many clubs in nearby cities that have had shootings or stabbings … As well as rapes . If u go to a bar looking for sex drugs or trouble chances are u will find it there .. If u go looking for a good time good music and good times … Boones is and will always be the place to be …

  25. Jennifer Roland

    oh the stories I have heard my husband tell of back in the day and the hang out was Boone’s Saloon! lol

  26. S. Martin

    I lived just across the river from this nice establishment, one night a poor guy was thrown out of a vehicle in our driveway,after being beat nearly to death with a ball bat, which he later died, they said one of the guys was messing with his wife, my kind of fun-loving place!!!

    • Michael

      I wish the guys who did that would step up. That was my uncle that I never got to meet. I would love to see them myself just one time!

  27. c. horton

    You obviously never visited the place! The only time I did was to drag my NOW ex husband out. It was just as sleazy, rowdy and red neck as any story you ever hear told about it. Many of “fun” memories and STD’s have gone home from that joint!! (Thank Jesus one didnt come home with HIM)

  28. Thomas

    been there several times. always interesting. it was byob, $10 to get in but you got a tkt for a ribeye sammich you could use b4 you left. also had a hotel on site so you wouldn’t have to drive home. $25 for a double rm in a concrete, nutn fancy place to sleep so u wouldn’t get a dui. the law was bad about road blocks on all roads leading back to hazlehurst, douglas, fitzgerald, mccrae, lumber city & in jax….This place is not for the faint at hart. I got sucker punched one night into a fight caused the guy liked my gf or whatever, I still don’t know…..

  29. michael palmer

    Boones was a one of a kind place for dad wyndell dj there for 8or10yrs..and played in bands at the club bye the river..i can remember both places..but i had some kind of fun as a

  30. Always plenty of entertainment at this place 20 years ago. Place was packed wall to wall after all other bars closed on the weekends. There was a shuttle bus that you could pay to ride from Boomer’s in Douglas, prevented several accidents and DUIs, I’m sure.
    Never visited the original building down near the river, friends had been there, not for the faint of heart. Rumor has it there are lots of “bodies” buried in the area????

  31. ben dooley

    You know, this strikes me as one of those instances where the event (the building) isn’t as interesting as the hype (the sign) 🙂

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