Benjamin Hawkins Monument, 1931, Roberta

Colonel Benjamin Hawkins Memorial Roberta GA Crawfordville Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

The text on the monument gives a good overview of Colonel Hawkins’ life. Some of the language wouldn’t be used today, such as referring to Native Americans as ‘savages’. Erected in 1931 by the United States government to commemorate the life and public service of Colonel Benjamin Hawkins, who was born in Warren County, N. C.  August 15, 1754 and died at the Creek Indian Agency on the Flint River, June 6, 1816. He was a student at Princeton and shortly after the beginning of the Revolution became a member of General Washington’s staff with the rank of Colonel, serving with distinction throughout the war. He was one of the first senators from North Carolina and was conspicuous for his interest in Indian affairs. Colonel Hawkins was asked by General Washington to assume jurisdiction over all the Indian tribes south of the Ohio River. At the height of his career he came to Georgia and established his home among the Creek Indians on the banks of the Flint River in Crawford County. He built the fort which was named in his honor on the Ocmulgee River at Macon and lived there while the fort was being erected, but his permanent home was at the Creek Agency. His body lies on a bluff overlooking the Flint River where he lived among the savage tribes for 16 years, a man of letters, a mediator of peace and faithful unto death.

Colonel Benjamin Hawkins as Senator in North Carolina Public Domain Image Used on Vanishing South Georgia 2014Colonel Benjamin Hawkins – Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

Roberta Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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7 responses to “Benjamin Hawkins Monument, 1931, Roberta

  1. R. Freeman

    Savage tribes? Give it a break. He had no real power in the Creek Nation. He was more of an ambassador liaison(a spy for the American govt.). He did take notes on the peoples’ lifestyle, my 5x grandmother Sehoy being one he witnessed , stated that she shouldn’t be socializing with her slaves on the front porch of her home. He had an eye for detail that supported his prejudices.

  2. Linda

    While in this area be sure to check out Fickling Mill. Not sure exactly what road it is on but not to far out of Roberta (Taylor County) very near the Flint River….

  3. Victor McGough

    Was Hawkinsville named for Benjamin Hawkins? I spent many a summer there with my grandmother.

    I remember riding with my aunt from Unadilla to Macon to see the Indian Mounds and museum. If my memory is good we went to a place in Macon where there was part of a fort left by Col. Hawkins. Any thoughts?
    Thanks for all the memories. I went to Roberta once with my uncle. He was a claims adjuster for GMC and traveled all over South GA. The minister that presided over my mother and aunt’s memorial service was from Roberta.

  4. Benjamin Hawkins was one of the most remarkable figures of early Georgia history. I most highly recommend a book, The Southern Indians and Benjamin Hawkins – 1796-1816, by Florette Henri. You’ll learn a lot about things you never knew. His interactions with the Creek king Alexander McGillivray are fascinating.

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