Historic Coley House Lost to Fire


I just learned from Cindy McDonald Swartz that this historic property, built by Alcanah R. (Cain) & Martha Dikes Coley around 1842, was lost in a fire last night, likely caused by a lightning strike. It’s a real loss. Cindy’s photo shows that some of the exterior was saved but the interior appears to be a loss.

Coley House Bleckley County GA Gutted by Fire Historic Antebellum Landmark Photo Copyright Cindy McDonald Swartz for Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014


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4 responses to “Historic Coley House Lost to Fire

  1. So glad you were able to get the photo of it while it was intact! Thanks for saving it in pictures!

  2. ben dooley

    Pleas keep us informed Brian as to whether there are any plans to rebuild. Especially sad and bad coming on top of the Hancock County Courthouse fire.

  3. How tragic. Was anyone living there? Such a loss of history.

  4. Trish @theoldpostroad

    What a shame. Hope no one was hurt.

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