Old Ford Dealership, Adel

Adel GA Cook County VIP TCB Neon Art Moderne Renovation Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

I always thought this was an old theatre, but thanks to B. Sutton, I now know that it was originally a Ford dealership and was later O. P. Fausett’s Phillips 66 station.


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12 responses to “Old Ford Dealership, Adel

  1. Doug

    The old Ford place McKinnon Motors was across the street where the Adel News and Cone Electric is. The north corner of Hutchinson Ave. & 5th St.

  2. Robret

    I was born in Adel and for as long as I can remember it was a service station.

  3. Abby Rountree

    I’m not sure what the building originally was, but all my life (21y/o) its been a hair salon. The name is “Debbie’s VIP”, hence the VIP sign, and the owner’s daughter is an Elvis impersonator, so those are TCB Band logos.
    As for Adel’s theater, it was torn down quite a long time ago.
    Sorry for a disappointing answer!

  4. Kilby, same as my guess or a power companys’ main office. Dating mid ’30s thru mid ’50s.

  5. Debbie

    Brian, is there another smaller building in Adel that was a post office at one time?

  6. ben dooley

    It sure looks like a depression era movie palace. A bit dreary today but imagine it with a sheltering canopy and sign filled with neon light.

  7. Nice building. I’m going to guess an old radio station.

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