Baptist Rest Primitive Baptist Church, 1906, Twin City

Twin City GA Baptist Rest Primitive Baptist Church Double-Steeple with One Steeple Removed Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

I originally thought this church was built for another congregation and might have had another steeple, but Eileen Dudley notes that it was built this way. Eileen is the program manager for Historic Twin City and is largely responsible for getting National Register status for the city.

Twin City Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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4 responses to “Baptist Rest Primitive Baptist Church, 1906, Twin City

  1. Very interesting building! I believe the structure on top would be considered either a bell tower or a copula, rather than an actual steeple. Many more Primitive Baptist churches were inclined to those two structures than they were an actual steeple. Any sort of item on top is rare in the deep south though – a bell tower seems more common in the north. That being said, I have seen a few (maybe a half dozen) PB houses featuring steeples.

    (As a Primitive Baptist, I have enjoyed the photos of PB meeting houses posted here from time to time!)

  2. Kathryn Hochman

    My grandmother was Primitive Baptist, and I would guess this church always was Primitive Baptist as well.

    • Thanks, Kathryn. You were correct about it always being Primitive Baptist. Thanks! (I’ve seen so many of the Hardshell Primitves in Southeast Georgia that this just looked too fancy!)

  3. Kathryn Hochman

    I just found a 1956 photo of Baptist Rest Primitive Baptist Church in Twin City. My grandmother’s church, we posed for family pictures in front of it. It had the single steeple then as now.

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