Abandoned Grocery Store, Bulloch County

Abandoned Country Store Rusted Coca Cola Sign Bulloch County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

It’s hard to imagine a time when little stores like this one could be found scattered throughout the countryside. As people became more mobile, though, the need for them vanished. To find one in this condition is rare.



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4 responses to “Abandoned Grocery Store, Bulloch County

  1. I’ve lived in Bulloch County all my life and never seen this. What part of Bulloch?

  2. It is nice to see remnants of day’s past. I bet that store was along a main road a hundred years ago. It is amazing how nature always seems to take back what man has built over.

  3. Michael Minjack

    It’s like getting old, can’t be stopped !!

  4. Jan Cooke

    Neat to see. Reminds me a lot of one my great grandfather operated many years ago in Colquitt County between Funston and Bay. He (and my grandmother, who cared for him in older years) lived in the house that contained the store there on the front. That room became their living room when he closed the store. The house, which I think has been modified, is occupied to this day.

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