Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 1900, Augusta

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Cultural Center Augusta GA Richmond County Architectural Masterpiece Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2014

Now home to Sacred Heart Cultural Center, this awe-inspiring place is a magnet for the arts and culture and a cornerstone of historic preservation in downtown Augusta. From their website: The first bricks were laid for Sacred Heart Church in 1897.  The church was a magnificent house of worship for over seventy years.  Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, it is an architectural masterpiece.  The building features towering twin spires, graceful arches, fifteen distinctive styles of brickwork, ninety-four stained glass windows, a barreled vaulted ceiling and intricately carved Italian marble altars.  Because of the steady move by Augustans to the suburbs, the last mass was held in Sacred Heart July 3, 1971.

National Register of Historic Places


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2 responses to “Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 1900, Augusta

  1. tarobinsonsr

    Great capture – as always, Brian. These old museums to Christianity seem to beckon for new congregations to come back, or renew their faith. When empty, they lose their vibrancy.

  2. Randall Barfield

    Beautiful. I got married in Atlanta’s Sacred Heart Catholic Church in 1973.

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