Dirt Road, Tattnall County

Tattnall County GA Dirt Road Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

In my opinion, there’s no better way of experiencing rural South Georgia’s beautiful countryside than a ramble on a dirt road.


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4 responses to “Dirt Road, Tattnall County

  1. ryanware

    I could not agree more. I love rambling the backroads.

    • Glad winter has ended in Minnesota, Ryan! It seems to be over here in Coastal Georgia, as well. Do you have a lot of dirt roads in Minnesota, or are they all gravel?

      • ryanware

        Actually, mostly gravel. There are dirt ones that are called “minimum maintenance” roads. Even some of those are graveled to an extent. I assumed you meant gravel, but then I forget our dirt is mostly black and yours is mostly reddish, I believe.

        You are right about Winter in MN. We’ve had a pretty nice spring so far. We could use some rain here to kick of planting season and get the subsoil moisture up.

  2. Victor McGough

    Love the picture. It takes me back to my young days in Dooly County. These days all the dirt roads in Dooly County are paved. I use to love to see the dust flying out from the back of my aunts car as we traveled.

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