Jesup Drive-In, Valentine’s Day

Jesup Drive In Theatre Valentines Day Date Night Crowd Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Valentine’s dates were bumper to bumper at Jesup Drive-In tonight. It’s one of the few places in Georgia where you could experience a tradition like this, and it’s the oldest drive-in in the state.


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4 responses to “Jesup Drive-In, Valentine’s Day

  1. Theresa

    My previous post was in reference to Atlanta drive-in not Jesup’s. I have been to Jesup’s drive-in and had a great time. Hope to go there again.

  2. Theresa

    Sadly, not a safe area to be in.

  3. tarobinsonsr

    Looks to be in mint condition, too, and doing a brisk business! Their movie selection – which isn’t any different than anywhere else – really speaks to what folks are turning out to view, these days. I’ve seen a drive-in on Moreland St, Atlanta. and it still seems to be showing movies – and providing space for flea markets, too.

  4. bkhuna

    SpongeBob and spankings, who say’s country folk don’t know how to party!


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