Manor School, Ware County

Manor GA Ware County Old School House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

The old Manor School was used from 1993-2010 for an innovative magnet campus, the Ware County School of Agricultural, Forestry & Environmental Sciences. It was the only agriculturally based magnet school in the South, and the only K-12 agriculturally based magnet school in the country. It’s a real shame, considering the excellent performance of the school, that money couldn’t be allocated to keep it running. I’m unsure but suspect the school was built by the WPA during the Great Depression.


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3 responses to “Manor School, Ware County

  1. Donna K. Martin

    I lived in Manor until I was 10 years old which was the summer of 1979. This was my school from 1st to 4th grade. My sisters, brothers, cousins, and even my Daddy Devoy Martin Sr. and his siblings went to school here. My son Martin Todd graduated from there in 2006 when it was the Magnet School. It is terrible we couldn’t keep it open. If those halls and rooms could talk they could tell a million stories!!!! My 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Pickney and my 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. James. I’ll never forget either one. Nor, will they forget the Martin Twins Donna and Bonna!!! I’ll never forget my older sister Kimberly DeLon walking us to the cafeteria, handing us each a dime, and saying now go eat your breakfast!

  2. My grandfather, Clifford Steedley, and great uncle, Farley Lee, were two of the crew that built this school. My older sister, Ginger Parker, was in the last high school class to graduate in 1967. I lived in Manor in 1968- 1969, and was bussed to Ware Co high school where I graduated in 1969.

  3. Ivy smith

    It was built by the WPA during the depression. there’s a plaque by the front door that tells about.

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