Fargo United Methodist Church, 1890s, Clinch County

Fargo Methodist Church Clinch County GA Old School House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

The South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church writes: Fargo is on the western side of the Okefenookee Swamp and records of Methodism are few.  Methodist meetings were held but no records of this have survived.  In the late 1890’s, the Baxter Timber Company built the Hamby Masonic Lodge and the community and church used the lower floor.  When the depression hit, the Baxter Company turned the lodge into a hotel.  The church moved to the school until the hotel failed and then Fargo moved back into the lodge building.  Until the roads were paved in the 1950’s, the preacher would arrive by train on Saturday evening, preach, take the noon train to St. George, preach and return to Fargo again at night.  During the Sunday school attendance contest between Fargo and Statenville, the Fargo superintendent had to wire Statenville when Fargo hit the 100 mark because there were no phones.

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  1. Curtis Ellis

    Although the building has been used as a school twice (1920’s and 1940’s), it was originally a masonic lodge (built circa 1897).

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