Whitley Cemetery Road, Irwin County

Dirt Road Canopy Sunset Irwin County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Places like this are one of the greatest things about life in the rural South.


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7 responses to “Whitley Cemetery Road, Irwin County

  1. Nancy

    Country Roads Take Me Home!

  2. I drive similar roads going to my son’s home is Stewart County. Peaceful!

  3. Victor McGough

    This is a beautiful picture. It takes me back to my youth. I have been on several similar roads in Dooly, Pulaski and Houston counties. Thanks very much.

  4. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    Country road take me home to the place I was born, to where I belong. Sandy flats, red hills and fishing holes, there I yearn to be. Country road take me back to the ‘backer patch, the cotton sack, and the cane stack. Lead me to the river’s edge, broom sedge, and splitting wedge. Show me the way to yesterday, to precious memories that nurture one’s character and feeds one soul. Dirt road take me home.

  5. Kay

    This is what ‘Country Roads’ should be!
    Or means to me 😉 Thanks for sharing

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