Charles F. Crisp House, 1892, Americus

Historic Americus GA Home of US Speaker of the House Charles F Crisp Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

A native of England and a Confederate veteran, Charles Frederick Crisp (1845-1896), served as judge of the Southwestern Judicial Circuit and as a member of Congress. During his time in Congress he served as Speaker of the House. He was elected to the senate a short time before his death, but did not live to take the oath of office. His son, Charles Robert Crisp (1870-1937) was appointed to fill his term and was later elected to the same seat. Speaker Crisp is the namesake of neighboring Crisp County.

Speaker Charles F. Crisp of Georgia Courtesy Collection of the US House of Representatives Public Domain ImageImage Courtesy of the U. S. House of Representatives

Americus Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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2 responses to “Charles F. Crisp House, 1892, Americus

  1. Victor McGough

    Thank you. I always wondered where the name for Crisp County came from. When in Dooly County if you had to go to the “big” city for something you would have to choose between Americus and Cordele. I would go with my uncle when his GM adjustor job took him to Americus. The last time I was there was in 1969. I was traveling from Miami (home town) to Denver. I was going to Denver courtesy of the US Air Force. Why the map people routed me through Americus is still a puzzle.

  2. Sandra Coleman Clarke

    Beautiful house!

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