Glover-Hooks House, 1917, Americus

Historic Americus GA Glover Hooks House Photograph Copyrigh Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

The Mediterranean Revival house in the foreground was designed by Georgia architect C. F. Lockwood for wholesale grocer Carr S. Glover. The home of Speaker Charles F. Crisp in the background highlights the wide variety of architectural styles on view in Americus. Its large historic district (commercial and residential) is among the most extensive for any town of its size in Georgia and cannot be missed! Let’s help put this wonderful community on the map for historic travelers and architecture tourists. Angie Singletary and Steve Short at Americus-Sumter Tourism were most helpful in pinning down the identities of some of these great homes and if you’re visiting, be sure to stop their office at 101 West Lamar Street for a map and guide . They’re both very enthusiastic about Americus and do a great job.

Americus Historic District, National Register of Historic Places



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2 responses to “Glover-Hooks House, 1917, Americus

  1. Geoff Jacobs

    unfortunately, speaking strictly from a law enforcement perspective, Americus is one of the most historic cities in Georgia, but it is thoroughly infested with drugs and drug activity.
    I recently spoke to a friend who was hired as the Police Chief after a LONG period without one. He, strangely enough, was hired over two other candidates who were local and much more qualified and had more experience in drug units. Well, after lasting nearly 8 or 9 months or so, he resigned. It seems that first, he discovered that the PD was 9 or 10 officers short and the main reason that applicants were not applying was because of starting salary, approx. $24,000yr.?! That’s ridiculous in 2014/2015! The city did not comply with his request to raise the starting salary? Secondly, their fleet of 22 police cars consisted of 17 vehicles that were so dangerous to drive, that he was immediately deadlining those vehicles for repair or replcement. The remaining 5 would have to be shared?! And, HE gave up his issued vehicle. The city refused his request for additional vehicles?!
    There were other issues related to training, officer’s certifications in limbo, complaints, and when the Chief explained to the Council that their town was infested with drugs, they seemed uncaring. They asked if he could get help from the local Sheriff’s Mulri-Agency Task Force, but in order to get help they had to participate and he explained that he was 9 officers short with more threatening to leave if they didn’t get more $$$, how could he afford to send ANYONE to a drug unit??
    The Chief resigned a few days later and is now living in the Florida Keys enjoying his retirement from his previous job!
    Americus is looking for a new Chief and getting worse.

  2. Dave White

    Thanks for the info about the history of these houses.

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