July Thunderstorm, Wayne County

Wayne County GA Thunderstorm Farmhouse Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015


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4 responses to “July Thunderstorm, Wayne County

  1. I’m almost positive this is located on the Greenview farms in K’ville. Some in the area refer to it as the old colored school. I was talking with a man at the farm a few days ago and he said it was a tenant house and that it was used for a school for the farm workers children back in the day. You might already know this but if you don’t there it is. lol

  2. Connie McGhee

    Fantastic composition. Love the buildings & the oncoming storm.

  3. Jesse M. Bookhardt

    Brian good picture. The memories of fierce storms of my childhood still linger. Back then we lived close to nature and were well acquainted with her many physical and spiritual manifestations. As dirt farmers, when the wind blew we took notice, and when the rains fell we thanked the Lord for his blessings. There is nothing like the smell of a summer afternoon rain.
    When the horrific South Georgia lightning danced about our little house, we all ran and to our beds. There we huddled until the sky cleared and Mother Nature had cooled her pastures, fields, rivers, and woods. There was nothing like being caught under the tobacco barn’s tin covered shed roof. The sound of the driven rain eliminated any conversation, and one could only sit and witness the “show,” or cower and know that there was not a single thing you could do to intervene. So let us appreciated a perpetual act of nature…..Let the lightning flash, thunder roll, winds blow and waters flow over my South Georgia ancestral home.

  4. Frank Spearman

    Love this shot! The line draws your eye to the cloud and the farm buildings give great depth. Wonderful shot. I can just feel the storm coming.

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