Historic Storefronts, Buena Vista

Marion Drugs Building Clements Building Historic Downtown Buena Vista GA Photograph Copyriht Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

The building on the left served for many years as Marion Drugs. The Charles M. Clements building is on the right. It served as a hardware and furniture store as well as the local undertaker. Downtown Buena Vista is nice little town with generally well-preserved early 20th century commercial storefronts, dominated by one of Georgia’s older courthouses in the center of the square. Below is the Clements Hardware Store from the side, showing its old Coca-Cola mural.

Clements Hardware Buena Vista GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015


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6 responses to “Historic Storefronts, Buena Vista

  1. The old Chas M Clements building in downtown Buena Vista, GA, has been renovated. It was restored to its original state (with some minor adjustments) during fall 2016. It is now a venue for hire, and it is open for live shows once a month. They also feature a full bar including wine and liquor. If you would like to see what it looks like now the website is – foxhall1903.com .

  2. Beverly Burgin Wise

    Grew up in Buena Vista and have fond memories …Adding to others …I remember when Dr. Rainey, one of the town’s physicans, set up office at Jake’s Drug Store and that is where you could always find him…He made house calls…. and if you were really sick he would sit with you until he felt you were on the road to recovery…My Husband’s family(McMichael/Wise) owned a grocery store across the street from Jake’s Drug Store for many years. They had charge accounts and you paid your grocery bills once or twice a month…and they had a delivery boy on a bicycle who would bring you a dozen eggs or a quart of milk to your house if you needed them. It was a time of Camelot and I miss those days. S
    o lucky to have grown up there…and still love to visit there…As Martha Stewart says…It was a good thing!
    Beverly Burgin Wise

  3. Donnie Powell

    16 Feb 2017–Grew up in this town in 1950-60’s–Jake Croxton drug store had fountain cokes (so good), comic books for sale, ceiling fans (no air conditioning), could weigh yourself outside on scales–upstairs was dentist (hurt so badly), next door was Hollis grocery (think there was a bench to sit on), then Clements Hardware and a little farther down (East) was Wight Motor Company–sold Fords, had mechanics in back, had (total 1000 gallon) gasoline truck for delivery to farmers and businesses all over the county. (Think building was built in about 1918?). Farther down (one time there was a Firestone store) was a 5-10 cent store/Dime store and then a Suwanee grocery store etc etc. Loved growing up in that small town–knew teachers, workers, farmers, etc –a community where family was important and where values were taught at home and school and church. Few divorces–family emphasized education and supported the teachers. It was the best of times and places.

  4. Love old downtown store fronts and old country churches

  5. Debbie and Franklin Spearman

    Brian, You need to ride up Bumphead Road out of Americus. On the left hand side of the road a few miles up is a beautiful dog trot that was still being lived in the last time I went that way. Frank Spearman

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