Hopewell United Methodist Church, Schley County

Historic Hopewell Methodist Church Schley County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Among Schley County’s most historic congregations, Hopewell Methodist (now United Methodist) is thought to predate the organization of Marion County, which would date it to the 1820s; meetings were probably held in homes and various other places until the first known structure (of log construction) was built in the 1840s. Another church was built before the Civil War but was destroyed by fire. The Greek Revival section of the present structure was built after the Civil War but no exact date can be located.  I hope to learn more of the history soon.


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4 responses to “Hopewell United Methodist Church, Schley County

  1. Judith Gresham

    Stevens family lived right on the county line. They were members of this church.

  2. A US post office, officially the Schley, Ga., post office was located in the home of Elizabeth Lightner Woodall on the Buena Vista to Oglethorpe road from 1888 to 1907. Mail was delivered and picked up three days a week by a carrier on horseback. The house-post office is on the National Register of Historic Places as the Woodall-Patton House and Post Office.

    It is located in the Concord crossroads area of northwestern Schley County on Ga. Hwy. 240, 3.1 miles west of US 19.

    Also at Concord is an 1880s vintage country story and a small wooden “courthouse.” The latter was presided over by justices of the peace, two of whom were Stephen Murray and David Rufus Murray. These buildings are parts of Longshadow Farm which is for sale as of April 2017.

  3. Does the church have records that are available for search? My 2nd Great Grandfather lived in the Hopewell Community. I am not sure if he attended but his home is still standing and it is close to the church.

    • PJ Wilson

      I would contact Mrs. Nancy McMath Young in Ellaville. She is a local historian and President of the Historical Society. Her number is 229-937-2116. Perhaps she can help you out or point you in the right direction.

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