Historic Storefronts, Cusseta

Cusseta GA Chattahoochee County Historic Commercial Storefronts Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Just a handful of early commercial storefronts remain on Broad Street, which was once the “main drag” in Cusseta.

Cusseta GA Chattahoochee County Commercial Architecture Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015



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4 responses to “Historic Storefronts, Cusseta

  1. vanne hanisch-godoy

    some of these older buildings really do deserve to be preserved 1!! It all part of history in that area!!!!

  2. Carly

    I just want to add Cusseta does not have 12,000 folks living here. Maybe registered to vote from nearby Fort Benning, but this place only has aprox. 2000. I know this because I grew up there along with 7 generations of ancestors who helped found the place.

    • Thanks, Carly. I usually question such statistics, but I used Wikipedia on this one, for the population. I thought that was an awfully big increase. I appreciate people looking out for me. While most stats on reputable sites are accurate, errors abound.

      • Carly

        I just came back through and saw this. It isn’t entirely inaccurate. Cusseta is the only incorporated city in Chattahoochee County. The other 10,000 people that live in the county are military and are on Fort Benning, which other than being federal property, technically still is Cusseta. However, most of those folks have no idea what Cusseta is. They go the opposite direction into Columbus =D if only they could get out and about and look around

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