Walker Farm Shotgun House, Irwin County

Irwin County GA Shotgun House Deconstruction Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

This house is being deconstructed. Below is a view from seven years ago. For years, it’s been a landmark in my travels around home. Rubye Walker Laminack writes: This was a tenant house on my Daddy, Marcus Walker’s, property. It has been completely destroyed.


She adds: Most of the interior wood of the Walker shotgun house has been used to add on to an exterior building on the Walker home place, which was sold in 2015.


The wood from the blue room was used, just as it was, to make a blue wall in the exterior building and is simply beautiful. Most of the reclaimed wood from the house was used before it was demolished.




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5 responses to “Walker Farm Shotgun House, Irwin County

  1. CARRIE Rogers

    This is soo chilling, my family lived here.

  2. Rubye Walker Laminack

    This was a tenant house on my Daddy’s, Marcus Walker, property. It has been completely destroyed. Enjoyed seeing this and all other pictures.

  3. Like your photos. Keep up the good work.

  4. louise

    hey Brian hope to see you at halloween party love this pic,where is it?looks so familiar!

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