Mystic High School, 1928, Irwin County


G. Morgan Copland was the first Principal. Members of the Board of Trustees were: J. B. Morgan, Chairman; John M. Willis, Secretary-Treasurer; M. G. Hogan; Warren Fletcher; and W. A. York. It has since served as the home of Irwin Academy and Grace Christian Academy. Mr. Foster Goolsby served for many years as headmaster of Irwin Academy. Grier & Biggers were the architects.



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6 responses to “Mystic High School, 1928, Irwin County

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  2. Ben Towson

    My Mother and a Father both graduated from there. My Uncle Max Towson lived right next door.

  3. Pam Davis

    My grandmother graduated from there in 1940. I still have her senior ring.

  4. Teresa Tucker

    Is this school still open? I went to kindergarten at Irwin Academy. I think about it often and would love to take a look inside my classroom.

  5. Evelyn Stripling Walker

    I attended this school first thru eighth grade until we moved to Firzgerald. Years 1934-1942.

  6. Eddie Welch

    Beautiful old building…

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