Union Veterans’ Graves, Evergreen Cemetery, Fitzgerald

Historic Evergreen Cemetery Fitzgerald GA Union Veterans Graves Decorated for Veterans Day Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

When I was home for Thanksgiving I stopped by Evergreen Cemetery to visit relatives and was proud to see that someone had placed American flags on all the veterans’ graves, likely a project for Veterans Day. These Union veterans’ graves are in the oldest part of the cemetery.



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7 responses to “Union Veterans’ Graves, Evergreen Cemetery, Fitzgerald

  1. Sylvia Jackson

    Back when I was young, I think in the early 50s, they had a pageant, My Friend the Enemy which told the story of Fitzgerald being founded by Union Soldiers. I think they had it several times. A unique story. Fitzgerald Streets are names north and south after Confederates and east and west after Union soldiers. IF I remember correctly. My grandmother who owned the studio from the mids 30s lived in N.Lee. I love that town.

  2. Walt Lehner

    Brian, I’m curious as to why their are Union soldiers’ graves in the Fitzgerald cemetery?

  3. do you have any photos of the old cotton gins in operation 1958/59

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