Smith Farm, Telfair County

Telfair County GA Smith Farm Windmill Sunset Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

If you’ve traveled US 341 in South Georgia you’ve likely noticed this old farmhouse and windmill near Lumber City.  The windmill once provided water for the house and an adjacent peach orchard. It still works.


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10 responses to “Smith Farm, Telfair County

  1. Bill Hudgens

    A spectacular spot! We got permission to have our grandkids picture taken there by a local photographer. They were AWESOME. Thanks Smith family for allowing us to do that.

  2. Patricia Ogilvie

    Love the house and windmill on Smith Farm. Been passing it for over 20 yrs and fell in love the first time I saw it. Have envisioned life there. Hope they don’t continue to let it decay.

  3. Susie (Smith) Pittman

    Sorry but your information about it still works is incorrect! In 1994 when my dad passed away someone went to the old pump with a torch and stole it! Only a few days after we buried him. I went by to prime to ole pump when I got there it whole thing was go eat. I was raise at that house and pumped many gallon of water from that old well. The fan part of that windmill is missing , it was blown away by a storm! But there are at lot of good memories in that house. Thank you for posting!,

  4. Andrea Smith

    Thanks for sharing grandma and granddaddy’s old farm and windmill.

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