Lands Crossing, Georgia

Lands Crossing GA Irwin County Christmas Morning Heavy Fog Country Store 2015 Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

A local landmark I photograph often, made more interesting by a Christmas morning shrouded in fog.


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10 responses to “Lands Crossing, Georgia

  1. Darrell McElmurray

    I lived there on the ten mile road. Remember seeing movies outside one night a week. My heart is still in south ga. Happy memories.

  2. I lived there at Lands Crossing, behind George Clements store, my mama and three kids, there is a lot of precious memories,growing up there.

  3. Brenda Coleman Roberson

    I was born and raised in the Land’s Crossing community. I loved going to the store. Lots of us kids would meet the school bus across the road at George Clements store. Precious memories. Still live not far from Land’s Crossing.

  4. Victor McGough

    Looking at it makes me feel sad for all the landmarks that are disappearing from the land I love so much. Is the store still open?

  5. Lindsay McDonald

    My husband’s family all live near there-his grandmother, Sarah Mulkey, lives off Reagan Road, and his uncle Bubba lives on Jeff Davis Park Road, the last house before you get to Land’s Crossing! I’m glad they cleaned the place up and re-painted it!

  6. susie janosik mcdaniel

    I went to college with Ginger Land. I loved her, her house and her father’s store.

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