Rowland’s Store, Moores Chapel

Moores Chapel GA Johnson County Country Store Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2016

This was once the center of the Moores Chapel community, which gets its name from Moore’s Chapel Methodist Church. Tina Stephens Barrs writes: This was my Great Aunt Idean Webb Rowland and Great Uncle Clifton Rowland’s store. Not sure when it was built but probably in the mid 1900’s. And Mabry Reese McIntyre notes that Mrs. Idean dipped a lot of ice cream cones in that store. Was a good day when the school bus stopped there.


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One response to “Rowland’s Store, Moores Chapel

  1. Marie Wombles Lamb

    Moores Chapel Methodist Church is across the road from the store building above. The land was given to build the Church by
    Mrs. Martha Howell Wombles. Mrs. Wombles, who is now deceased, has two Grandchildren that still live in Johnson County, Marie Wombles Lamb and Willis Raymond Wombles, whose Father was Burl Willis Wombles.

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